My StartUp

Currently I am changing company direction from freelance to product. This is also a change of mindset from small-business(projects) to startup(growth). Below are my notes about the project (mostly for internal use):

Value proposition: Make it easier/faster to code small apps (including coding in VR, tablets, …)

Customer segments: developers and learners, making small projects such as prototypes, tools, hackathon-entries, art, and experiments.

Business model: subscription/licensing for making proprietary apps (free open source is free). And teaching / small app-development for bootstrapping.

Status: currently building MVP, - not ready yet. Development happens at, and demo sometimes runs on

Product stages:

  1. MVP: Live coding of JavaScript. Deployment to GitHub. Machine model. Usable for own development. Release as online app, and npm module.
  2. More polish, languages, platforms, etc. Clojure support. Coding within VR (and mobile) with keyboard. Live coding on device across network. Bundle as app, and release for different distributions channels (AppStore, Google Play, facebook, …). Offline support with ServiceWorkers.
  3. Support / programming language for: lowend devices(i.e. large Arduinos, hexiwear, mindstorms, IoT), and touchbased development.

Bootstrapping and business model.



Possible release targets:


The vision is to democratize technology, - to change the most common computing devices from app-consumption-only to app-creation, - to enable software development directly on tablets, mobile phones, …

The core value is openness and transparency. Both as open source, and also as company transparency. This also includes transparency of data.

The goal is to make a difference / impact, and not to maximise profit. Bootstrap, and then transform into social business, foundation or similar in the long run.