This document contains outlines for my toastmaster talks

Topic ideas

Talk #1: Icebreaker



One thing I love about the icebreaker is: 
it makes you ask yourself: 
who are you?

Usually, you will tell your name: 
  I am RasmusErik
You might tell you work:
  I am an independent software developer
You may tell how you came here: 
  I was at toastmasters long time ago, 
  - did other stuff - 
  and now I am returning

Now, stop and imagine 
a young stubborn child, 
looking intensely at you 
and asking: 

But who *are* you?
Who are *you*?



`` These were glimpses, of Things that I may talk more about at later toastmaster meetings.

I could continue, but now, stop and ask yourself: who are you?

Thank you. ```