Project creation

Start a ClojureScript project

export PROJECTNAME=app-skeleton 
curl -u rasmuserik -X POST -d '{"name":"'$PROJECTNAME'","homepage":"'$PROJECTNAME'"}'
cp -a ~/app-skeleton ./$PROJECTNAME &&
rm -rf .git util &&
perl -pi -e s/app-skeleton/$PROJECTNAME/g `find -type f` &&
git init &&
git add . &&
export PROJECTFILE=`echo $PROJECTNAME | sed -e s/-/_/g` &&
install -d src/solsort/$PROJECTFILE &&
git mv src/solsort/app-skeleton/app-skeleton.cljs src/solsort/$PROJECTFILE/$PROJECTFILE.cljs &&
rmdir src/solsort/app-skeleton &&
git clone [email protected]:rasmuserik/util &&
./ &&
git add . &&
git commit -am "Initial commit for $PROJECTNAME" &&
git remote add origin [email protected]:solsort/$PROJECTNAME.git &&
git push -u origin master


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