Review 2016 / Direction 2017

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This is the time where I look back on the past year, and adjust the direction on the future:

Review 2016

On the company level, the major projects have been:

For many years (even before I started an independent company), I have pushing for better mobile app for the public libraries. With my effort this year, I feel that now I have pushed more than enough energy into that direction.

On the personal level, the major things this year (beyond the professional stuff) have been:

To sum the past year up into a single concept, it would be that is has: strengthened the foundation.

Direction 2017

I plan to pivot the company a bit, with less focus on the library sector. Instead my current plan is:

  1. build a web-based environment for rapid development of small HTML5/apps - both for own use and especially for teaching.
  2. get back into teaching, and begin to make talks and workshops again (both for marketing purposes, and also as a product).

Building small apps/prototypes, and the infrastructure for doing this effectively, is a very satisfactory process. I also intend to focus more on Berlin as a secondary base for potential projects.