Quarterly Review (draft)

When I did my quarterly review a month ago, I did not get around to make a post about it. Thought I would add it now.

Plan 2016q4

  1. Continue productive software development / releases cycle
  2. Operational plan for

Review 2016q3

The major result of 2016q3 has been the productivity hacks. Using pomodoros, habit-tracking etc., - and setting up and updating my toolbox for quickly making HTML5 CLJS Apps. This also includes 8 small software/web releases during the period.

Unfortunately my biggest project of 2016q3 did not work out as intended. Requirements for the app grew much bigger than originally expected, the API that I should build upon had serious issues. Important lesson was that I should be better at protecting myself against external circumstances, especially when working with start-ups, as it ended up that I did not get any pay for months work.

Looking at the original plan for 2016q3: